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Aš naudojuosi tomis progomis, kurias man suteikia likimas, ir jokiu būdu stengiuosi joms netrukdyti. You play piece after piece or just dive into improvisations? Kas buvo "Potemkin-Tauride", ryškiai Rusijos imperijos princas, pirmoji ir geriausia Catherine asocijuota?

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I know there were some garage and britpop covers bands before… Why Gnoomes, by the way? We started Gnoomes with long winter jams in the February We got an offer to play a spontaneous gig and we agreed. One night I saw a dream where some band was playing at the shiny glittering stage and there was a drum-kit with the letters «Gnoomes» on it.

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I thought it was a great call of subconscious. So we played as Gnoomes for the first time and we realised: «Yeah, we should go further and record stuff».

Norintys išgirsti Antonino Dvoržako Antonin Dvoržak Devintąją simfoniją "Iš Naujojo pasaulio" turėtų apsilankyti Nacionalinės filharmonijos ojo sezono pabaigos koncerte gegužės 7-ąją. Dvoržako simfonija ir pianistas P. Eltos nuotr. Atsisiųsti 1 nuotr. Filharmonijoje - A.

Reading about Gnoomes, I noticed mentioning Pink Floyd many times. Are you into them? What are the other influencers, besides music?

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Stargazing, for example? We love being outside, just walking pažintys ludwig būgnai the forrest is a magnificent bliss. I also love cooking, when we tour I usually cook breakfasts and lunch for the band and sometimes our friends from all over the world.

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I find it both peaceful and inspiring. Petersburg, but from Perm. Tell us about your city — how does it sounds?

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In winter it could be really cold like below zero, in summertime it could be opposite. Heard something about Gnoomfest — is this event curated by you? Yes, this year we had a great opportunity even funded by the government to make pažintys ludwig būgnai festival with the bands we really like from the UK, Italy and Russia obviously.

Atrask save muzikos pasaulyje! Pastarasis atlikėjas yra laikomas vienu geriausių savo kartos Belgijos marimbininkų. Muzikinį profesionalumą jis tobulino vadovaujamas japonų marimbos virtuozės K. Albertas koncertuoja ne tik kaip solistas, jis bendradarbiauja su orkestrais bei kitais muzikais, taip pat ir su marimbininku Ch.

It was a 1 day event with the amazing visuals, excellent sound and very open-minded audience. Seriously we were blown away by the people from our city who visited the fest. There were moms with kids, orthodox priests, even the governor came while our label boss Chris was djing a really noisy track.

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Hopeful we could do this again. Few years ago you were stopped by police at the street in Perm and failed urine test for drugs. Is this case over?

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Is it hard to create psychedelic music without any psychedelics? Heard Sasha started to practise Zen Buddhism, what would be the other ways to achieve psychedelic state of mind naturally? All psychedelic states are coming forth within our minds, and sometimes people use drugs for the quickest way to get there. Practicing zazen meditation we do a big cleaning in our heads and it helps not to miss the point of being alive.

I wonder how your rehearsals looks like.

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You play piece after piece or just dive into improvisations? We used to write songs at home, then someone from the band brings them to a rehearsal and we start to play around the piece. Now we like more spontaneous way of making music — jam is the best thing for that.


We usually record our jams on iPhone and after 5 hours of raw material we pick up around 15 tracks in which we believe and sculpt them into songs that will be recorded later. There are plenty of remixes in your discography — what do you like the most in it?

Second of all, there is a term in literature «intercontextual space», by making a remix we kind of connect to the space of an artist and see what happens next.

It inspires and makes you learn about yourself more from a different angle.

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All your albums are marked with exclamation mark — why? How did it happen that you jumped into such a rich Rocket Recordings rooster? It was a wow moment!