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Governing Law and Jurisdiction 1. These Conditions do not apply to intra-France and intra-Poland Shipments, for which separate domestic terms and conditions of carriage apply. In some markets, local conditions or postal regulations may apply instead of or supplementary to these Conditions in each case, available on fedex.

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Shipments originating from outside Europe are subject to local tariffs and the terms and conditions of the FedEx affiliate, branch or independent contractor that accepted the Shipment. Shipments returned are governed by the terms and conditions applicable to the country or territory from which the Shipment is returned.

The international carriage of a Shipment by road will be subject to the CMR, as applicable. Shipments carried domestically between specified locations within one country are subject to the laws of that country, these Conditions, and any applicable FedEx domestic terms and conditions of carriage.

FedEx reserves the right to unilaterally amend or supplement these Conditions at any time.

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Such modification or suspension applies to Shipments tendered to FedEx after that date. Details of current Services are available on fedex. Business days and holidays may vary by country, territory or region. Contact FedEx for delivery commitments which may be affected.

Details of any other charges or surcharges are available on fedex. Any transit time published online, elsewhere, or quoted by FedEx customer service based on incomplete information supplied by Sender is only an estimate and is not a stated Delivery Commitment Time. FedEx records regarding quoted delivery times will constitute conclusive proof of any such quotes. Queens greitasis pažintys details of all such services, including product names, availability and transit times, are available on fedex.

Transportation Charges applicable to the Shipment are as set out in the FedEx list rates on fedex. Quotations provided by FedEx for Charges or Services are estimates only, based upon information provided by the Sender.

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Final Charges and Services may vary based upon the Shipment actually tendered and the application of these Conditions. FedEx is not liable for, nor will any adjustment, refund or credit of any kind be made, as a result of any discrepancy in any Charge or Service quotation made prior to the tender of the Shipment and the Charges invoiced to the payer.

Charges applied are those Charges applicable and in force at the time that a relevant FedEx transportation services agreement is made, subject to the right of FedEx to revise the Charges, including the Transportation Charges, set out in the FedEx list rates on fedex. Fuel and Other Surcharges.

FedEx reserves the right to assess and revise its fuel surcharge and other surcharges set out on fedex. The duration and amount of such revisions will be determined by Isle of man online dating. The Sender, by tendering a Shipment to FedEx, agrees to pay the surcharge s in force at that time. Details of current surcharges are available on fedex. If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, the Shipment Charges will be recalculated based on the dimensional weight and subject to additional Charges.

If the Transportation Service selected, actual or dimensional weight, or number of Packages stated on the Air Waybill is incorrect, FedEx may make corrections to the Air Waybill. The method s used and Charges applicable to make such corrections or adjustments are available upon request.

For certain countries, a different payment term may apply; details are available upon request. Invoices for duties, taxes and other related Charges are payable upon receipt. Notwithstanding, FedEx reserves the right to require payment of any Charges in advance.

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Charges to a FedEx Account may take the form of: a. Acceptable for carriage to specified locations only. FedEx will only accept the submission of such a dispute if the following is stated therein: the a invoice number, b Air Waybill number and c reason of the dispute. If applicable, duties, taxes and other related Charges may be assessed on the contents of Shipments. If FedEx disburses duties, taxes or other fees to a customs agency on behalf of the payer, the payer will be assessed an ancillary clearance service fee based on a flat rate or a percentage of the total amount disbursed whichever is greater.

See fedex. FedEx is not required to disburse payment of duties, taxes and other related Charges and may require the Sender, Recipient or liable third party to pay FedEx prior to FedEx discharging any liability for duties, taxes or other related Charges. Such options are available in select locations only. In certain other circumstances the Sender may be charged for such duties and taxes, including the event in which the Shipment is sent to a third party site where the Recipient or billed third party is not a resident.

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Further details available in Section 13 Customs Clearance and upon request. FedEx invoices isle of man online dating be paid in the currency stated in the invoice or otherwise in the local currency against exchange rates provided by FedEx from time to time. Shipment Preparation. Package and Shipment size and weight restrictions vary by country of origin and country of destination combination, and by Service.

There is no isle of man online dating on the aggregate weight of a multiple piece Shipment provided each individual Package within the Shipment does not exceed the per-Package weight limit specified for the destination. Shipments exceeding the Service specific weight limits set out in the packaging guidelines on fedex. FedEx may consider such unsuitable or extra-large Packages or Shipments as Freight shipments at its discretion, and a minimum chargeable weight of 68kg may therefore be applied regardless of actual weight.

Shipments tendered to FedEx as Freight have a minimum chargeable weight of 68kg, regardless of actual weight. All Packages must be prepared and packed by the Sender for safe transportation, according to the nature and size of the goods, assuming ordinary care in handling in a transportation and hub sortation environment and in compliance with all applicable treaties, laws, regulations and rules, including those governing packing, marking and labelling.

FedEx will not be liable for any damage arising out of changes in temperature or pressure. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, FedEx is not obliged to add dry ice to Shipments or to provide re-icing Services, notwithstanding any oral or unilateral written statements from the customer or FedEx to the contrary. If the Package is refused by the Sender, or it cannot be returned because of Leakage, the Sender will be liable for and agrees to reimburse and otherwise indemnify FedEx for all costs, fees and expenses incurred in connection with the clean-up and disposal of the Package.

See further Section 8 Refusal or Rejection of Shipments. It is the responsibility of the Sender to properly complete all necessary particulars of the Air Waybill. Each Isle of man online dating must be legibly and durably marked with, including the name, street- city- and country address including postal code of the Sender and the Recipient. Sender must affix the Air Waybill and any other required labels e.

Further details on Shipment preparation are available on fedex. Refusal or Rejection of Shipments. FedEx reserves the right to refuse, hold, cancel, postpone or return Shipments at any time if such Shipments would in the opinion of FedEx be likely to cause damage or delay to other Shipments, goods or persons; the carriage of which is prohibited by law or is in violation of any of these Conditions; the FedEx Account of the person or entity responsible for payment is not in good credit standing; the volume or type of Shipments materially deviates from the volume or type of Shipments that was initially indicated by the Sender to FedEx; or for any other reason.

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The fact that FedEx accepts Shipments does not mean that such Shipments, including their content and quality, conforms to applicable laws and regulations or to these Conditions. Inspection of Shipments. The Sender hereby waives any possible claims for damages or delays including the Money-Back Guarantee as stated in Section 19 as a result of such screening. Prohibited Items. Firearms, weaponry, ammunition and their parts; b. Explosives class 1.

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Items resembling a bomb, hand grenade, or other explosive device. This includes but is not limited to inert products such as replicas, novelty items, training aids and works of art; e. Military items originating from any country in which an export control license is required; f. Human corpses, human organs or body parts, human or animal embryos, cremated or disinterred human remains; g.

Live animals, including insects and pets; h. Animal carcasses, dead animals, or animals that have been mounted; i.

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Plants and plant material, including cut flowers cut flowers are acceptable to and from certain countries and territories including the Netherlands to the US, and all Latin America; isle of man online dating information available upon request ; j. Perishable foodstuffs, and foods and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control; k.

Pornography and obscene material; l. Money, including cash and cash equivalents e. Hazardous waste, including used hypodermic needles and syringes, or other medical, organic and industrial waste; n.

Wet ice frozen water ; o. Marijuana, including marijuana intended for recreational or medicinal use, and isle of man online dating cannabidiol CBDany product with any amount of tetrahydrocannabinols THC and synthetic cannabinoids q. Raw or unrefined hemp plants, or their subparts including hemp stalks, hemp leaves, hemp flowers and hemp seeds ; r. Tobacco and tobacco products, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, loose tobacco, smokeless tobacco, hookah or shisha; and s.

Electronic cigarettes and their component parts, any other similar device that relies on vaporization or aerosolization, and any non-combustible liquid or gel, regardless of the presence of nicotine, that can be used with any such device.

Shipments or commodities, the carriage, importation or exportation of which is prohibited nepilnametis pažintys teisė any law, statute or regulation; b. Unless expressly agreed otherwise by FedEx, Shipments that require FedEx to obtain any special license or permit for transportation, importation or exportation; c.

Undeclared, excisable shipments or commodities that require regulatory approval and clearance; d. Shipments with a Declared Value for Customs in excess of that permitted for ką paprašyti ką nors prieš pažintys jų specific destination; e.

Dangerous goods, except as permitted under Section 12 Dangerous Goods of these Conditions; and f. Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odour of any kind. FedEx reserves the right to reject Packages based upon these limitations or for reasons of security or safety. FedEx may charge an administrative fee for Packages rejected and for the cost of returning goods, where applicable, to the Sender.

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Further information is available upon request. Export Controls. Sender is responsible for, and warrants, compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including the U. Export Administration Regulations, the U. International Traffic in Arms Regulations, the U. Foreign Assets Control Regulations and applicable export laws and government regulations of any country related to isle of man online dating transportation of the Shipment.

Sender agrees and warrants that it will comply with all applicable U. In addition, FedEx does not transport, and Sender agrees to not tender for shipment, commodities for which trade is restricted or prohibited by economic sanctions and embargoes laws.

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For a current list of FedEx countries and territories not served go to fedex.